Evaluation of my own work

In my project, I had built the Japanese Style Flat because I got some inspirations after visited the Japan Tempura Island.I found it Japan Tempura Island combines with European Style Building.It leads me would like to build a traditional Japanese room.

Problem that I met before starting my project:

With development of my project, I need many textures to decorate my building. We can get the texture from the texture board which offer by Isa in the NMIT space.But the first problem that I met before building my design is I can not get the texture from the texture board.With the help of Isa, I found that I had blocked the texture function.After that, I can decorate and continue building my project.

Shape and Texture:

There are lots of Prims using in my project. It only needs time to sculpt it and make it the margin of reality.I only need Isa’s help when I developed the curtain windows. It should use the sculpted texture in the prim. That is the curtain style texture. It can change to the curtain shape when put the sculpted texture inside.That is very useful stuff.


Almost at the all process of design, I need Isa’s help.Because the scripts are new and complicated for me.I can understand the scripts absolutely. But at the end, I have built four kinds of scripts: llVolumeDetect, slider door, prims rotation, shower script and light script.

Here is the whole view of my Japanese Style Flat.

The Hall at night view


Toilet room

My observation:

Overall my observation is that I have confidence my design builds not bad.It can be as a part of introduction in SL to attract many people to come like the other building as I had evaluated before.This building have consumed me lots of energy to build it.I hope everyone who come to play  will like it.


Final Project – Presentation

Japanese Style Flat

Click on the link above to view the PowerPoint Presentation of my final design.

Evaluation # 3

Detailed Description of the building:

In my last Evaluation, I would like to introduce the Lost World Island. I chose this building because it has the gloominess feeling and mystery surrounding. My first impression of the build is that it should have many people to design this huge building.Because there are gorgeous scenes and floweriness luminous ray make the whole place more vivid.

Here is the SURL for the build:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beguile/190/104/22

There are three main places in this Island: Lost World landing point, Lost World Gallery and Nameless Coffee.

Lost World landing point

On the main entrance, people can buy the new  animation from here.In here, every costume cost $75. That is Tempting female costume.The below photos show the gloominess feeling and mystery surrounding of the Lost Island.

goth temple

religious statue

Sculptural Moai Statue Large

vampires church

Lost World Gallery

In the Lost World Gallery, here only use some textures to construct the art gallery.

Nameless Coffee

As the photos you see, this coffee shop named Nameless Coffee. I think the designer had no idea to name it after build this place.But this increases a layer mask of mystery in this room.

The community that use the build:

Anyone can use it just by searching for Lost World Island under the places category.Anyone who want to access Lost World Gallery and Nameless Coffee can use the Teleport in the Lost World landing point. But this is very secret before I found it.I just have no intention of finding it. This Teleport is constructed twinkle absolutely.It looks like black hole with the green.

Design aspects of the build:


I think in main place of the whole Island, it should have using various of Prims.Among of them, I think  prism,sphere,cube and cylinder use a lot.How to build the shape only need the designer to adjust it and sculpt it.


There should be used a lot of Texture in the Gallery as the art background.It only need the designer to search them.And the other scenes use the real texture to build the stuff, for example, the coffee bar use the Night View Texture as the window.Let you feeling in the night scene.


There are some good scripts in the Coffee. I want to introduce the switch light, the seat and the Teleport at the Coffee.

In the Switch Light interaction,I think it used a lot of complicated scripts to develop  more than my design switch light.When you touch the light, it will switch gradual change on automatically.I think that code should be more complex than mine. That is worth learning.

In the seat scripting, there is another scripting worth learning. Normally,  set the sit on object function in the prim that the user can sit on the object. But in this part, when the user click on the seat, there are multiple choices for the user to choose.It should have written the complicated scripts inside.That is fantasy!

The last scripting I want to introduce is the Teleport Interaction function. Usually, we design the Teleport only use the sphere and write some codes in it. But in the Teleport Prim, when the user click on the object, there are multiple choices come out and the Prim has the shape change.Overall the scripts are worth learning to improve my technology.

In addition,I want to evaluate the Slidable Door in the Gallery. On the second floor of gallery,there is a Slidable Door connecting the access between the second floor and the third floor.As the normal Slidable Door, it can slide to the other side when the user touch it.But there is a little different. It can slide back to the original position automatically.Comparison with what I have done, I just made it touch and slide.It should  meliorate the code base on my design.It is a good sample for me to study the scripts.

My observations:

On the whole,I am very like this place.Many design is worth learning and  my strategy can be overcome.The designers also consume a lot of energy as our students.I think many friends can come to this Island  research it  and play it.That is the best support the designer to build much more glorious building.That is awesome!

Evaluation #2

Detailed Description of Evaluation Building :

For this Evaluation I am going to have detailed description of  Japan Tempura Island.I choose this Island because in my 3D project design,I had built the Japanese style house.I had to  look for some inspirations from this place.My first impression of this building is that everywhere has the European style,but after I walked around it, I still can find the traditional Japanese style scene.It looks amazing I can learn the color and texture from it.I think it can make people feel peaceful when seeing it.

Here is the SURL for the building:    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/tempura%20island/126/43/33

Sakura Tree

Sakura View

There are two main aspects in this island that I found it: The Tai Chi Square and the Dance floor.The square has a feeling of fantasy because of the dense fog surrounded.The square floor is covered by the red and green fog which make the square more romantic.The Dance Floor is noble which using  lots of golden lights and the textures of palace.There are some furniture.

Tai Chi Square

Dance Floor

The community that uses the building:

Everyone who come to the Japan Tempura Island can use the  building by searching it under the places category.On the way to the Dance Floor, people can see the Tai Chi  on the right side.Everyone will be interesting to try it.

Design aspect of  the building:


In these two places, I think that only use the sphere to develop it. As you see at the picture, Tai Chi and the Dance Floor only  have the sphere to interact the Tai Chi and dance.I think it don’t need to set the rotation and the position accurately. Just using the original shape because it only use as  interaction for the Tai Chi and Dance.


This building use a lot of  European style texture as background in the Dance Floor. I think the touch ball of  Tai Chi Square only use pink and gold color with blank texture.That is very simple and pleasing to the eye.


There is one interaction in the Tai Chi touch ball.  People just right click the touch ball and choose sit.And the people will play Tai Chi automatically.But there is a little different to  the touch ball of Dance Floor. On the Dance Floor, there are two people required for using touch balls to start dancing. I think this dancing scripts should be a little different with the usual one. But it may be  found on the Internet.

My Observations:

There are many place in this Island but I still do not introduce them.My overall observation is that this island built very grandeur and interesting. People can come to here just relax.And building this island should not use a lot of complicated code.That is good for the designer and student to study and research.

House design finish

Finally, the whole house has already been accomplished.Here is the whole view of my design.

Traditionally, the Japanese Door should look like this. Fortunately, Isa has offered the textures what I need in building my project design.

Simple Hall

Before you come into the house, there are two doors offer the user to touch it.

Doors Close

Doors Open

I also found the sample picture to refer when I designed the shoes cabinet.You can see the Japanese shoes cabinet should look like as the below photo. So I just follow it and use some cubes to construct it.

I have written the “llsay” script in the shoes cabinet when the user touch it, the message “Please put the shoes in here” will come out.

Shoes Cabinet in SL

My Hall in SL

There is one interaction which I mentioned at My A&M 624 Plan. when the user go through the main entrance space, it will show message and indicate user what is room they enter. With the help of Isa, I got the script from the Internet.


It is different with “llSay”. I need to use llVolumeDetect( integer detect );  This kind of  script  can allow user go through the prim and message comes out at the same time.In this part, I built the prim transparent and semitransparent,two kinds of texture.

“llSay” need to touch the prim and that the message will come out.

In here, you can switch the lamp and sit at the cushions. Due to time reasons, here are all what I designed, I hope everyone who read it can enjoy playing it.


Toilet Design

Just as the Bathroom,when I found the Bathroom reference,I also got the Toilet reference.The below two pictures are what I found as references.It makes me know what the sharp of the toilet and what kind of prim I need to use to build it.

The below picture is washbowl that I searched as reference.

Here is the outside view of my 3D toilet building.

Before coming inside, you can touch the door and it will open automatically. Here is using a script in the doors.

But it doesn’t use at the door directly. I need to build cylinder and write the script inside. To provide impetus the door rotation.I need to build the cube as a door, and link them together.At this process, I need to click the door first,otherwise the cylinder can not  to provide the door impetus.It maybe the code’s problem.Anyway, it still comes out and works well. And this script also can be applied in the windows rotation.

As the room like before,every room has the lamp to switch on and off.

Lamp Switch Line

Water Tap Switch

Toilet design

I would like to make the toilet  more truth, In reality,it usually has two boards before user use it. So I designed it has two boards can be opened and user can sit on it. There are the same scripts of the toilet door. In here, I only need to build with cylinder and hemisphere,change the angle and design the texture.That is the toilet comes out.

Toilet Board Open

Bathroom design

Before I did this part design, I have done some researches on the Internet.

Here is what I found as reference to my bathroom design.

I got the inspiration from above photo.And below picture is what I built.As the photo, you can turn on the light through clicking the switch line.

Bathroom Whole View

Bathroom stuff

In this part, I have built the shower and the water tap.You can control the water flow out through touching the water switch.I also wrote some scripts in the water switch.When you touch it, it will turn on and off and at the same time, the water will flow out from the shower or water tap.It could look like much reality.  There are two interactions script,one is between water switch and the shower,one is between water switch and the tap.

Shower Off

Shower On

Tap On

In this room, I also built the windows with curtains. Here is a little different with bedroom.This curtain  open from up to down. The bedroom’s curtains slide from both sides.

Curtain On

Curtain Off

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